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Los Angeles to New York Footrace 2011 

The longest ultra-running event to take place in the world this year is underway in the United States. The LA to NY footrace is the dream of ultrarunner extraordinaire Serge Girard, a man who has run thousands of miles around the world crossing four continents including 5235km from Lima to Rio – it took him 73 days. Now he has turned his attention to running acrosss the US and has found a few hardy souls to join him on this amazing challenge.


However even experienced ultrarunners find this event a serious challenge. Today is day 6 and already the 14 starters who left from Huntington Beach in California on June 19th 2011 are down to 10 with two runners running in an unofficial capacity. This 70-stage journey will be following closely in the fpptsteps of previous Trans-American footraces and is the 9th such event since the first race took place in 1928.

Results are usually posted every day but where internet reception is unavailable there will inevitably be a delay occasionally.

Results – Day 6

1 Rainer Koch 47:48:38
2 Patrick Malandain 52:59:21
3 Serge Girard 55:58:58
4 James Adams 57:50:52
5 Italo Orru 59:27:02
6 Alexandro Bellini 62:05:13
7 Gérard Bavato 64:57:33
8 Markus Mueller 68:38:09
9 Yoshiaki Bando 69:03:22
10 Makoto Koshita 71:26:49

A number of the runners are posting on their own sites:

Markus Mueller

Alex Bellini

Gérard Bavato

Italo Orru

James Adams

Patrick Mandelain

Peter Bartel

Rainer Koch

Serge Girard

Race website:

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