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Marathon Des Sables 2015 

mdsLess than a week to go before the 30th Marathon des Sables takes place in Ouarzazate, in Southern Morocco. This most well known stage race has almost 1500 participants who have to carry all their food and gear through the 250 km 6 day race across difficult terrain and dry hot conditions.

Starting in a location on a route that will only be disclosed to the participants a few hours before the start, the runners will have spent a few days in transit to the start on April 5th 2015.

The Marathon Des Sables 2015 is a race as well as a human adventure and this, the 30th edition is no exception.

In the men’s competition, the Moroccans will be the men to beat having won for 18 of the last 19 races. Last years winner, Rachid El Morabity will be seeking a third victory. Mohamad Ahansal who came 3rd last year, is looking for a fourth win. Abdelkader El Mouaziz, Samir Akdhar, Jordanian Salameh Al Aqra, 2012 victor and a high scorer in subsequent editions (2nd in 2014), are all likely to be contenders.

From Europe Portuguese runner Carlos Sà ( who finished 4th last year), Briton Danny Kendall (5th last year), Frenchmen  Christophe Le Saux and Antoine Guillon(10th last year will probably among the frontrunners.

The Americans will have accomplished ultrarunner Dave Mackey accompanying female runners Meghan Hicks (victory in 2013) and Liza Howard who will be competing with French runner Laurence Klein who will also be looking for a fourth victory.


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