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Ultra Corsica 2017 – Stage 16 

Ultra Corsica 2017
Ultra Corsica

Happy runners at aid station during stage 13 of  Ultra Corsica

Ultra Corsica 2017 is a 1000 km 17 day stage race around the island of Corsica. This, the inaugural event event started September 7th and finishes September 23rd after completing a circuit of the island by road.

The race organisers, the Poupard brothers describe the landscape as ever “changing from pristine bays, glitzy coastal ports and fabulous sandy beaches to steep rocky peaks, breathtaking valleys, dense forests and dormant hilltop villages.”

Leading from the start is Johan van der Merwe who has won every stage so far. Jannet Lange is the leading lady currently in fourth place.

Positionsin Ultra Corsica after Stage 16 – 931.823 km:

1 Johan van der Merwe 81h 54
2 Hayato Kochi 101h 43
3 Henrik Ortved 107h 55
4 Jannet Lange 112h 55
5 Berit Jessen 126h 38
6 Jean Paul Frey 130h 31
7 Hans Lachmann 133h 18
8 Marcelo Degiorgio 135h 56
9 Karla Kent 150h 7

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