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John ‘O’ Groats to Lands End (JOGLE) 2018 


John ‘O’ Groats to Lands End (JOGLE) is a footrace from the most northerly point in Scotland to the most southerly point at Lands End in Cornwall, England.
Organised by Ultrarunning Ltd this is the fourth running of the event and such is the difficulty of the challenge, only two runners have so far completed the race. Sean Maley in 2015 in 213hr 26min and Andy Persson in 2016 finishing in 215hr 23min.
With the 860 miles (1384km) being covered over 17 days it works out to an average of 50 miles (81km) a day although there are longer and shorter days within that. The cut-off times are based on a minimum average of 4 mph/day which gets to be a challenging parameter.
Race Director Steve Worralo is “fairly confident we will have finishers this year” with some experienced stage runners signed up. Hans Lachman has run Trans-Gaule, The Loire Integrale, L’etoile Savoyarde and last years inaugural Ultra Corsica. If this is the Jean-Louis Vidal then there will definitely be a race this year. Wai-Tik Chan has finished the MDS twice and the Hong Kong 100 miler three times and will no doublt have an impact on the event.

Hans Lachmann (Germany)
Jean-Louis Vidal (France)
Michael Rotherham (UK)
James Carr (UK)
Calvin Hemmings (UK)
Wai Tik Chan (Hong Kong)

Race website:
Facebook: Ultrarunning Ltd

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