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TransRockies Run 2012 – Stage 3 Results

News from TransRockies Run 2012: “Day 3 marks the final day of racing for the RUN3 competitors and, staying true to the theme of the previous two days, Max King and Alicia Shay would stage victories and take the overall crowns in the Open Men and Open Women divisions. Shay was all but unstoppable over the 3 days and ...Full Article

TransRockies 2012 – Stage 1 Results

The TransRockies 2012 6 day stage race started August 14th at Buena Vista in Colorado at 9:am with over 360 trail riders taking part. This three and six day ...Full Article

The Napoleon Ultra 2012

Please be advised about a stage race I’m organizing December 1-7, 2012 – the Napoleon Ultra – a 7-day stage run with 230 miles (368 km). This is the ...Full Article

Run Across America On Trail 2012

After a couple of years of organising, the day has arrived when Mike Samuelson’s plans are set in motion for this years longest stage race, the Run Across America ...Full Article

La Loire Intégrale 2012 & Trans Poland Footrace 2013

A reminder that a new stage race across France will be organised this summer (July 11-27) called La Loire Intégrale. The route is along La Loire which is the ...Full Article

Grand to Grand 2012

Aiming at the wealthier end of the ultrarunning market, the Grand to Grand is a new stage race and is billed as the only unsupported 6 day stage race ...Full Article

Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race 2012

The Himalayan 100 Mile stage race is possibly the most spectacular ultrarunning course in the world. The event affords views of 4 out of 5 of the world’s highest ...Full Article

La Transtica 2012

LA TRANSTICA is a free pace Trail race, with a prologue and 5 stages with points of supply, assistance and rest. Two categories are available: Adventure 120 km and ...Full Article

Bruno Poirier’s Himalayan Ultras 2012/13

Annapurna Mandala Trail in Mustang XII Race Date (start): April 6, 2012 Date race (end): April 23, 2012 Country where the race is run: Nepal and Mustang name of ...Full Article

VoyageurQuest 2011

VoyageurQuest is a 4 day trail stage race on the Superior Hiking Trail in Northeastern Minnesota. The event covers 105 miles and will pass through some of the most ...Full Article
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